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CREATIVITY is Seeing the Same Thing but Thinking Differently.

A P J Abdul Kalam Quotes - Creativity is Seeing The Same Thing But Thinking Differently

Dream… Dream… Dream…. Dreams Transform into Thoughts, And Thoughts Result in Action.

a p j abdul kalam quotes of dream dream dream

Failure Will Never Overtake Me If My Determination to Succeed is Strong Enough.

APJ abdul kalam quotes - failure will never overtake

See The Flower, How Generously It Distributes Perfume and Honey. When It’s Work Is DONE, It Falls Away Quietly. Try To Be Like The Flower, Unassuming Despite All It’s Qualities.

see the flower - abdul kalam quotes

If You Fail, Never Give Up Because FAIL Means “First Attempt in Learning”.

Quotes of APJ Kalam If You Fail, Never Give Up Because FAIL Means First Attempt in Learning

Old Friends Are Gold. New Friends Are Diamonds. If You Get Diamonds. Don’t Forget Gold Because Only Gold Can Hold A Diamond.

Old Freind are Gold - Dr APJ Kalam Quotes

If You Want to Shine Like a SUN. First Burn Like a SUN.

A P J Abdul Kalam Quotes - If You Want to Shine Like a Sun. First Burn Like a Sun

Thinking Is the Capital. Enterprise Is the Way. Hard Work Is the Solution.

Thinking Is the Capital. Enterprise Is the Way. Hard Work Is the Solution.- Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

To Succeed in Your Mission, You Must Have Single – Minded Devotion to Your Goal.

Your Best Teacher Is Your, Last Mistake.

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Quotes

We Should Not Give Up and We Should Not Allow the Problem to Defeat Us.

When God Pushes You to The Edge of Difficulty Trust Him Fully. Because Two Things Can Happen Either He’ll Catch You When You Fall, Or He Will Teach You How to Fly.

Don’t Take Rest After Your First Victory Because if You FAIL in Second, More Lips Are Waiting to Say That Your First Victory Was Just Luck.

Sometimes, It’s Better to Bunk A Class and Enjoy with Friends, Because Now, When I Look Back Marks, Never Make Me Laugh, But Memories Do.

Confidence & Hard work is the Best Medicine to KILL the Disease Called Failure. It Will Make You ‘Successful Person’.

Every Pain Gives A Lesson and EVERY Lesson Changes A Person.

WAR is Never a Lasting Solution for Any Problem.

For Great Men, RELIGION is a Way of Making Friends, Small People Make Religion a Fighting Tool.

I Am Not a Handsome Guy, But I Can Give My Hand-To-Some One Who Needs Help. Beauty Is in The HEART Not In The Face.

Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Quotes

Man Needs Difficulties in Life Because They Aare Necessary to ENJOY the Success.

You See, GOD Helps Only People Who Work Hard. That Principle is Very Clear.

If an Egg Is Broken by An Outside Force, Life Ends. If Broken by An Inside Force, Life Begins. Great Things Always Begin from Inside.

SCIENCE is a Beautiful Gift to Humanity. We Should Not Distort It.

Always Have a ‘UNIQUE’ Character Like SALT, Its Presence Is Never Felt, BUT… Its Absence Makes All Things Tasteless.

Great Dreams of Great Dreamers Are Always Transcended.

Don’t Read Success Stories You Will Only Get a Message. Read Failure Stories, You Will Get Some Ideas to Get Success.

Great TEACHERS Emanate Out Knowledge, Passion and Compassion.

If Four Things are Followed Having a Great Aim, Acquiring Knowledge, 2. Hard Work, And Perseverance Then Anything Can Be Achieved.

The Purpose of Education is to Make Good Human Beings with Skill and Expertise, Enlightened Human Being Can Be Created by Teachers.

Small Aim is a CRIME, Have Great Aim.

In Life No One Will Remember How You Looked, Walked, Talked Or What You Did.. Everyone Just Remembers You by The Way You Made THEM Feel When They Were with You.

For Me, there are Two Types of People the YOUNG and the EXPERIENCED.

One of The Very Important Characteristics of a Student is to Question. Let the Students ASK Questions.  

Life Is Beautiful! One Day, One Hour and One Minute, Will Not Come Again in Your Entire Life. Avoid Fights, Angriness and Speak Lovely to Every Person.

Quotes of A P J Abdul Kalam

What is Success? When Your Signature Changes to AUTOGRAPH.

Five Tips to Be Successful in Life: 1. I Am the Best, 2. I Can Do IT, 3. God Is Always with Me, 4. I am The Winner , 5. Today is My Day

Dreams is Not What You See in Sleep, It is The Thing Which Doesn’t Let You Sleep.

Without Your Involvement, You Can’t Succeed. With Your Involvement You Can’t Fail.

Sitting Alone Is Better Than Walking with The Wrong People.

All Bird’s Find Shelter During a Rain. But Eagle Avoids Rain by Flying Above the Clouds. Problems are Common, But Attitude Makes Difference.

This Is My Belief That Through Difficulties and Problems God Gives Us the Opportunity to Grow. So When Your Hopes And Dreams and Goals Are Dashed, Search Among The Wreckage, You May Find a Golden Opportunity Hidden in The Ruins.

Life Is the Most Difficult Exam. Many People Fail Because They Try to Copy Others. Not Realizing That Everyone Has A Different Question Paper.

Don’t Depend Too Much on Anyone in This World Because Even Your Own Shadow Leaves You When You Are in Darkness.

Never Hate Your Haters, But Respect Them. Because They are the Ones That Think That You Are Better Than Them.

Don’t Compare Your Life to Others, There is No Comparison Between The Sun and The Moon. They Shine When It’s Their Time.

There is No Wine If Grapes Are Not Pressed, No Perfume If Flowers are Not Crushed. So, Don’t Be Afraid If There Are Pressures in Your Life, It will Bring the Best Out of YOU.

Don’t Carry Your Mistakes Around With You. Instead, Place Them Under Your Feet And Use Them as Stepping Stones to Rise Above Them.

Truth Is Like A Surgery. It Hurts But Cures. Lie Is Like A Pain Killer. It Gives Instant Relief But Has Side Effects Forever.

About Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam:

By 1992 to 1997 Dr A P J Abdul Kalam was scientific advisor to the defense ministry, and he later served as Chief Scientific Advisor (1999–2001) into the Federal Government with the status of Cabinet Minister.  

His prominent part in the nation’s 1998 nuclear weapons tests solidified India being a nuclear power and also recognized Dr Abdul Kalam as being a National Hero, even though the tests generated great anxiety from the global community.

Back in 1969 he moved into the Indian Space Research Organization, at which he had been project manager of their SLV-III, the very first satellite launch vehicle which has been designed and manufactured from India.  Re joining DRDO in 1982, Kalam proposed this system which produced quite a few powerful missiles that helped get him the nickname “Missile Man.”  One of those successes has been Agni, India’s very first intermediate-range ballistic-missile, which comprised areas of this SLV-III and has been established in 1989.  

Back in 1998 APJ Abdul Kalam put forward a national plan named Technology Vision 2020, which he referred to as a roadmap for transforming India by the less-developed to an improved society within twenty decades ago.

Back in 2002 India’s ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) submitted Kalam to succeed incoming President Kocheril Raman Narayanan.  Dr Abdul Kalam was nominated with the Hindu nationalist (Hindutva) NDA despite the fact that he had been Muslim, along with also his prestige and favorite appeal were those that the most important opposition party, the Indian National Congress, additionally suggested his own candidacy. 

He abandoned office by the ending of the sentence in 2007 and was succeeded by Pratibha Patil, the nation’s first woman president. He had been president of India in 2002 to 2007. 

Upon returning to civilian life, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam stayed devoted to using technology and science to transform India into a developed country and also functioned as a lecturer at several universities. Dr. APJ Kalam wrote a few novels, including an autobiography, ”Wings of Fire” (1999).